Realms [MNMN364]

by Outsider Birds

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Starfall 01:45
There’s a ridge up ahead and my tires are screeching Another dead end Out of gas, out of luck, with a brain that's fucked up I turn around It's a long road back Oh what a long road back Just to get on track Met a crone at a bar by the side of the freeway She told me "I know who you are" "Just a wanderer, aimlessly roaming the desert, Honey, you seem like a fallen star" Oh my, what a thing to hear in the heat of july But that's all right - I bid her goodbye and walked out with a smile Alone through the night And the desolate lights passing by This journey’s just beginning Countless miles to survive But I'll be fine
So It Goes 03:48
the Calling 03:42
Look around See the beauty, oh it’s washing out Heaven sounds all around us Yet i feel underground Theres nothing else to say Flowers wither when it's a new day Shed a tear, drink to sleep Drown in self-pity, but hey It's calling Can you hear the calling It's calling Around you is the perfect haze Sometimes I wish that I'd never wake from this drunken sleep The hole that I dig for myself is too damn deep Look around There's decay and Im rotting out Simplify the solution Where heaven can’t be found Birds are falling throughout my keep Kingdom shatters as I take a sip Welcome home old boy You're in here for life So forget about joy The smiles are fading - my life is ash All that I've lived for - burned or trashed All that's left is to exist A washed-out husk of a man I miss Follow the calling x4
Borislava 03:25
Will you forgive me For setting fires I never meant to Drive you mad Borislava (x4) Seems like You should be knowing better than this Im Just a kid Just a kid Haven't we been over this Over this Oh, Borislava Turns out you know nothing Oh, Borislava We tought ourselves how to sing Turns out you know nothing The empty classroom's weeping
Slowfall 02:50
Stumbling and crawling out of my mind Need to let go but can’t unwind All that I've hoped for's dead and gone The winter road is stretching on Pity I’m living in the dark Should have at least lit me a spark Sometimes you feel nothing at all Sometimes it burns hot as the sun Sometimes you feel your walls closing in Trying to crush you with layers of guilt Sometimes within you is this empty hole Franticly fill it with memories of old Sometimes you wish that you were dead And as sun goes down you feel nothing but dread
Barren Field 02:54
I was alone On a barren field Just a box of matches And a Chesterfield I’d never thought I’d see the sunrise again The noose left a mark on my throat Unabsolved of sin They took my gun And they took my wife But that don’t matter – my pride is still alive Where I shall walk A trail be felt Of cold dead bodies buried in the sand Son of a bitch is still in my home town Fucking whores, drinking whiskey and being a clown The sky will turn red as I run him down His corpse will feed the worms before the day is done
Winter's Maw 02:35
Feel as we're coming to a point of no return Ages come and go rotten and forlorn Just try and speak to me and I will follow through I've let the past choke me : too stagnant to review These days whenever, Whenever I loved you Turned their cold backs on me They spit and laughed and chewed Someone commends me, saying Im not alone But I can no longer sense at all
Changing Transcending Walking through black holes Say goodbye To everyone you leave behind Their existence Seems so silly and refined Oh no, I won't miss it all So let's go, won't be waiting here for long On the threshold, are we? Beyond all life Close your eyes one last time As we embrace demise We reached event horizon There's got to be another world Than the one we're used to Filled with more than wishful thoughts Release - our souls are dancing to the tune Of the sweet oblivion that no one knew But me and you, Just me and you - we're breaking through


об альбоме:
в последний день зимы - порция гитарного лоу-фая, протяжного, щемящего шугейза и психоделических электронных экспериментов.

"мы не гнались за чистотой звука, а напротив, кое-где сознательно делали его похожим на звучание карманного радио или старого пленочного плеера, кое-где мы завышали децибелы до предела, чтобы колонки фонили и ревели, в одном треке есть семпл со старой кассеты Nirvana, записанный через самые дешевые наушники со старого пленочного вокмана. все это нужно было для передачи того, что находилось в этот странный период наших жизней в наших головах. где-то на грани реальности и бреда рождались и записывались эти треки, ставшие для нас персональной коробкой Пандоры, хранящей запечатанными наших демонов. мы не писали это сговорившись заранее о какой-то концепции звука или текста - песни просто появлялись, брались целыми, как будто бы просто проходя через нас, как через дверь. и вся музыка, все тексты в итоге сами выстроились в одну историю, которую каждый прослушавший может проследить."

о проекте:
коллаборация For Lunar Dust и Change of Misdirection.
несмотря на старые совместные работы музыкантов, Outsider Birds - это совсем другая, отличная от них музыка.



released February 29, 2016





MONUMENTAL NETLABEL - a Russian non-commercial Internet label directed to distribution and advance of experimental music of various genres: idm, glitch, ambient, abstract hip-hop, trip-hop, post-rock, witch house, wonky, techno, experimental, acid, post-dubstep, breakcore, dark ambient, noise, neoclassical, indietronica, lo-fi, minimal, shoegaze ... more

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